The Impossible Quiz 2

The Impossible Quiz 1

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The Impossible Quiz 1
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About The Impossible Quiz 1

The Impossible Quiz 1 The original edition of the impossible quiz 1 is now available at our website.The initial version of the game was created using Flash Player but at the end of 2020 year, the developers decided to give a new life to their project - the game moved to a better and newer platform. As a result, today we can enjoy the game for free. The rules of this quiz are simple - you have to choose the right answer out of 4 possible ones. The problem is that the quiz is made in a funny and prank manner so many people just fail to give the right answers. As the name suggests, the game is nearly impossible to complete but I am sure you will do your best. Keep in mind that the second edition of the game is also available at our website : The Impossible Quiz 2.